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Ford is one of the biggest names in the world, not just for cars, but as one of the single most recognised global brands. The inventor of the ‘factory’ system of manufacturing, Henry Ford is famously misquoted as once saying that you could ‘have any model of Ford as long as it was black’. Today, Ford is a world leader in automotive innovation, producing affordable cars for everyone.

Ford continues to be hugely popular here in the UAE, and at Alsayaarat, we know that our customers love their Fords, whether it’s a sporty Ford Focus or the classic Ford Escort, these family-friendly cars are a hit with young professionals, families and older drivers alike. Here is our pick of the top Fords to buy in the UAE.

The Ford Escort
The Ford Escort is one of the most popular cars of all time. The Escort has been on the road since 1968, and the latest to bear the brand’s flagship name is the 1.5Ltr Titanium model. This simple, no-nonsense four-door sedan is the ideal small to medium-sized family car, with plenty of luggage space for the weekly shop or a weekend away with the kids. Performance is surprisingly good and the Escort is perfectly suited to nipping in and out of the traffic on the daily commute.

The Ford Escape
This compact SUV has proved to be a big hit in the UAE, offering a practical alternative to some of the larger SUVs on the road, making it city-street friendly as well as great for weekend adventures. A 2.5Ltr engine gives it plenty of get-up-and-go, while on the daily commute, it’s nimble enough to cope with lane swapping and compact enough to park in almost any space with ease. A great all-rounder and a perfect family car.

The Ford Edge
The Ford Edge is another popular compact SUV, offering great all-round performance and capable of taking on the occasional dusty track. Primarily a road car, it has a higher ground clearance but minimal body roll, a problem that can plague other SUVs. It’s spacious inside, and with a 2.0Ltr engine pushing it along, it’s perfectly designed for a longer trip down the highway for a holiday with the kids to the beach or the mountains.

The Ford Focus
The Ford Focus has become one of the most loved modern-day Fords, thanks to its sporty performance and sublime handling. Regularly voted by motoring journalists as one of their favourite ‘hot hatches’, the Focus easily outperforms its somewhat diminutive engine size and squeezes every last ounce of power out of that normally-aspirated 1.5Ltr engine. It’s efficient too, and has an excellent safety record for total peace of mind.

The Ford Eco Sport
The Ford Eco Sport is a great choice if you want something bigger than a sedan but don’t want to go ‘full-SUV’. This crossover may be one of the more recent additions to the Ford stable, but it’s proven itself to be perfectly suited to life in the UAE. The 1.5Ltr engine delivers enough power to cope with longer trips, but is also exceptionally economical and fuel-efficient. A roomy cabin and a host of technology and multimedia additions make it a popular family car.

The Ford Explorer
The Explorer is a Full-Size SUV with a feisty 3.3Ltr engine that will take on anything you care to throw at it. Capable of off-road driving, it also has a hybrid setup that makes it incredibly economical around town, something that not many full-size SUVs can claim. A large, spacious cabin and high ground clearance ensures that you can tackle off-road tracks with ease and in complete comfort. A smart choice for those who want a sophisticated SUV at an affordable price.

The Ford Bronco Wildtrak
If you want something that really looks like it means business, and is fully capable of making even the biggest dune cower beneath its massive wheels, the Bronco Wildtrak is the SUV of choice. This beefy truck will go through anything, whether it’s a wadi in full flood or a stone-filled track. The 2.7Ltr engine is torquey and delivers exceptional low-down power, and the wide wheels and solid chassis eliminate body roll with no compromise on comfort. It’s a bit of an animal, but the Bronco Wildtrak is made for the Empty Quarter or the mountain trails.

Which one will you choose?
With so many great Pre-Owned Fords For Sale In The UAE, it’s difficult to pick a favourite. Your best bet is to book a test drive online with Alsayaarat today and try them for yourself. With great offers including a year’s warranty on all pre-owned cars (extendable to two or three years for an additional fee), and a rigorous inspection process, you can be sure you’re buying a safe, reliable car.

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